Passive Websites For Sale – You the Boss!

Had enough of building someone else’s dream? Want to create your own dream and earn six figures annually? Well, you are in the right place.

We’ve built several blog websites that generate six-figure earnings.


How We Earn Money Blogging?

Simple, we write great content that ranks on the first page of Google. Advertisers pay us to place their ads on our web pages.

Can We Get Rich Quick?

No, we have to work hard at first. A new website typically takes two years to attract enough visitors to earn money from advertising. But we can use affiliate links immediately and make some income from whatever traffic we do have.

What Are The Steps To Success?

  1. Find a topic we like.
  2. Register a domain name. (
  3. Open a hosting account. (stores and displays your web pages on the net)
  4. Pick a platform and website theme. (styles your web pages)
  5. Point our domain name at our hosting account. (pushes your site live)
  6. Decide on our website branding logo etc.
  7. Build a content strategy. (what we’ll write and when)
  8. Write the very best content we can and hit publish.

While writing great content is a key ingredient of success, doing so alone won’t guarantee we make it to page one of Google.

To do that, we’ll need to learn how to build our content strategy, meaning picking which article titles to write and when. Getting this correct is super important to your success.

The ready-to-go websites for sale on this page come with a content strategy included in the price.

Is Building a Blog Website Technical?

It is somewhat technical, but truthfully it has never been easier to build your own site. That said, there are still a ton of ways to get it wrong. (I found most of them)

The websites for sale below are all built using the most robust and popular platform known as WordPress.

Is Running a Blog Website Difficult?

Not at all; the most challenging part is setting up the site; after it’s up and running, it’s a matter of logging into your WordPress site, writing your article, and hitting publish. I do most of my writing when on the move; I’m traveling to Dublin as I write this.

Unlike a traditional business, you don’t need to show up daily if you don’t want to; the site will work just fine for months on end without your input.

The typical ongoing cost to maintain a website includes:

  • Domaine name $30 (per year)
  • Website hosting $10 (per month)
  • Website theme $67 (per year)

So What’s The Deal?

The websites listed below are new starter websites, meaning all the technical work is done, and the sites are live and ready for a new owner to take the reins and begin their passive income journey.

Each site’s price includes a content strategy (150 hand-picked titles) and three months email support.

The sale includes three explainer videos. The first of which covers using the WordPress dashboard.

We cover everything you need to know, including:

  • How to log in to WordPress.
  • How to add a post. (posts typically used for publishing our articles)
  • How to add a page. (pages typically used for about us type information)
  • How to edit and add pictures, videos, etc.
  • How to run housekeeping tasks such as updates etc.

The second video covers the writing process, including:

  • How we build a content strategy and why it’s important.
  • How to use (free) AI writing tools without compromising article quality or Google ranking.
  • How to structure and write an article.

The final video covers how to monetize your website.

None of the above is in any way technical.

How is the site transferred to me?

After the digital contract is signed and payment is made (Paypal or Escrow), the new owner must open a hosting account to accept the domain name transfer and website files.

A website consists of two important components:

1 The domain name (

2 The files (the pages of the website)

1 Domain name – The new owner must open a domain name provider account before the domain name can be transferred.

I use WPX as my domain name provider; typically, opening a new account where the domain name is already held will speed up the transfer process (usually seven days). That said, there are a ton of domain name providers out there, and it doesn’t matter too much who you use.

2 Files – The files are sent by me to the new owner by email. The new owner must open a web hosting account (responsible for placing the files on the web) and upload them to their web host provider.

I use WPX as both my domain name and web host provider. If this is your first website, I’d advise using one provider for both functions. A good provider will ensure your files are loaded correctly and your site goes live immediately.

Make your dream a reality with our premade websites!


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The content is well-written and evergreen. logo is dedicated to motor racing, NASCAR, F1, MotoGP, Superbike, WRC, and all things Supercars. The content is premium quality, and this space offers massive scope for expansion. logo offers tips and insights on choosing, maintaining, and spotting high-end timepieces. Readers include collectors, a connoisseur, or casual enthusiasts.

This site is about luxury watches and so will attract premium advertising rates.