Is New Office Chair Expensive? Not these top branded chairs!

You probably already know how a good (or bad) mattress can affect your mood, but did you know that the chair you sit in on a daily basis can impact your life as well? Having the right chair is important to both your health and your work productivity, but how much will a new office chair cost?

A new office chair will cost anywhere from $50 for a cheap chair to $5000 for an executive chair. However, the average price for a good-quality ergonomic chair is between $350 and $800.

Office chairs vary significantly in price, and how much you spend will depend on the type of chair that you need. Continue reading to learn more about why a good office chair is important and how you can decide which one is right for you.

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Should I Buy a Cheap Office Chair?

Although a cheaper price tag is tempting, buying a cheap office chair can be risky. Especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in the chair, for starters, you will find yourself uncomfortable very quickly because cheap chairs are not designed with comfort in mind. If you know you will be spending multiple hours a day in your office chair, you should avoid a super cheap chair.

In addition to comfort, cheaper chairs are cheap because they use cheaper materials and do not have as many functions. Because of this, they tend to wear out much more quickly.

A cheap chair will do in a pinch and can work fine for someone who is not going to use the seat a lot. However, if you are spending long hours at your desk, you may want to consider spending just a little more on a much better chair.

What Are Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Believe it or not, sitting is terrible for our health. Shocking, right? Sitting for multiple hours a day can cause posture problems which lead to headaches and back pain. Additionally, sitting can cause fluid to build up in your legs and can increase your chance of a heart attack by 54%.

Luckily, people started to realize the effects that sitting has on our health and worked to design a chair that might help to reduce some of these risks—thus, the ergonomic chair was born.

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that seeks to optimize the interactions between humans and their working environments to enhance productivity. A big part of that is physical health because if people are unhealthy, both mentally and physically, they will not be as productive.

In order to be considered ergonomic, a chair should have at least five adjustable components. These allow the sitter to customize the chair to suit their physical needs, lessening the strain on their body and lowering the health risks associated with sitting.

Benefits of An Ergonomic Chair

  • Improved Posture
  • Less Neck Pain
  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Less Headaches
  • Reduces Hip Pressure
  • Help Improve Circulation
  • Boosts Productivity and Mental Health

Which Office Chair Is Right for You?

Shopping for a new office chair can be overwhelming at times because there are so many different chairs to choose from. Luckily, we have you covered. Below you can find a list of some of the more popular office chair designs on the market in 2022 and their features.

Armless Office Chairs

Armless chairs, as the name suggests, are office chairs that do not have armrests. This allows people to easily move in and out of the chair and work with larger objects. Although they are typically cheaper than other options, they do not come with as many features. Armless chairs will usually have wheels and an adjustable height.

Good for short-term seating and areas that require sitters to get close to the desk.

24 Hour Chairs

Again, as the name suggests, these chairs are designed for extended periods of use. Often called intensive-use chairs, these seats are tested to ensure they meet quality standards. Owners can expect them to last much longer than any other type of office chair.

Good for offices or areas that have round-the-clock shifts, such as hospitals or control rooms.

Active Sitting Chairs

As we already talked about, sitting is terrible for our health, but active sitting chairs can help combat some of the side effects associated with sitting. These chairs are designed to be a bit unstable, causing the sitter to work their legs and abdominal muscles to stay upright. There are many different types of active sitting chairs, including standing chairs, kneeling chairs, and stability ball chairs.

Good for people who want to increase their health while sitting at work.

Mesh Office Chairs

Found in a variety of designs, mesh chairs are a great choice for someone who overheats easily. The breathable mesh material allows air to circulate through the chair, keeping sitters cool.

Good for people who work in hot offices or climates and who sweat easily.

Executive Office Chairs

As one of the most expensive office chairs on the market, the executive chair is designed as a modern-day throne. These chairs are made for the top dog and feature top-quality materials and plush seating.

Good for people who want to display their power while still being comfortable.

Drafting Chair

Drafting chairs are commonly used by people who find themselves having to stand frequently throughout the day. The higher design allows people to move from a sitting to a standing position with ease, or to sit and rest periodically without interrupting their workflow.

Good for people who stand more than they sit, such as architects or employees who work at standing desks.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are one of the most popular options on the market because they are specifically designed to support sitters during long working hours. They are a bit more expensive than other office chairs, but for people who spend multiple hours a day sitting in their office chair, they are worth their weight in gold.

Good for people who spend a lot of time sitting during the workweek and who want to avoid back, neck, and shoulder pain.

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